» We love cutting edge and to never stop learning. «


With us, the pace, drive, agility and passion of a start-up company come together with a solid expertise built in over 20 years of experience. No matter what we do, we base our solutions on a holistic, systemic understanding of how your organization works.

Whether employee, customer, or customer’s customer – we focus on the human being as the user. We know that limiting any form of digitalisation to technological implementation is insufficient. True value can only be accomplished when people are helped to actually feel better.

It is our deep desire to create meaning and empowerment. Working together is only the basis, working for each other increases our performance. We grow together and when we work for you, we do so as part of your team.

» What is it, that you really, really want to do? «

Caro Kappenstein

Our individual tech solutions not only ensure that people can work more flexibly, efficiently and smoothly; they also bring more focus and fun to everyday work! Sounds good?

Daniel Walther

Dragon lover & backend tinkerer

Caro Kappenstein

Captain Marvel

Mel Merz

Head of outgoing incomes

Alex Knapstein

Frontend Chef

Burkhard von Dewitz

The Scientist

Dominic Böttger

Holo Commander