Tech to work better.

As highly experienced tech experts with a thorough understanding of large-scale Business dynamics, we support organizations with the implementation of new technologies that enable higher work quality – whether it’s in the field of Process Design, Software Development, or IT Infrastructure.

What's in it For you?

Our individualized Tech Solutions not only enable you to work faster and more efficiently, they also lead to increased focus and tangible day-to-day work-fun! Sounds promising?

fields of application

Where we support you...

Our services come in a modular structure: Depending on your needs we offer Tech and Tool consulting, Conceptualization, and Prototyping that enable you to reliably implement technical solutions as well as coaching for your IT teams, developers, and employees.

Our heart and soul

we love tech!

Augmented & Mixed Reality
Internet of Things
Artificial Intelligence
Big Data

Our motivation

» INSPIRATIONLABS is the best service provider I have ever worked with. «
Thomas Reis, CTO SIXT Ride

our promise

What creates the greatest value?

INSPIRATIONLABS stands for value-based work: This means that our remuneration is not based on the number of hours we invest in a project - but on the value that this project creates for an organization. Sounds unusual?

Our references

Cases that became legends.

We prefer to be where the front is! Here are a few examples of projects that we are particularly proud of.

Wissen ist zum Teilen da.

Rund um die Themen Development, IT-Infrastruktur und New Work teilen wir gerne unser Wissen in unserem Blog.

Köpfe mit Charakter!

Wer hinter INSPIRATIONLABS steckt? Need-Finder, Tech-Heads, Scientists, Problem-Solver, aber vor allem: Echte Team-Player mit Charakter und Rückgrat.