/What sets us apart

We love cutting edge and to never stop learning.

With us, the pace, drive, agility and passion of a start-up company come together with a solid expertise built in over 20 years of experience. No matter what we do, we base our solutions on a holistic, systemic understanding of how your organization works.

Whether employee, customer, or customer’s customer – we focus on the human being as the user. We know that limiting any form of digitalisation to technological implementation is insufficient. True value can only be accomplished when people are helped to actually feel better. It is our deep desire to create meaning and empowerment. Working together is only the basis, working for each other increases our performance. We grow together and when we work for you, we do so as part of your team.

/Our team

Since 2001, our intentionally small team of IT-freaks, lab rats and people lovers has been striving to make the new world of work a better place.

what is it, that you really, really want to do?

Alex Knapstein

Founder and CEO of INSPIRATIONlabs. Frontend guru and IT strategist. Avid cyclist and windsurfer. Skilled hobby chef. Proud dad and husband. Steve Jobs impersonator.

Dominic Böttger

Co-Founder and CTO. Backend guru and technology evangelist. Avid cyclist and kite surfer. Swiss resident to be and Zurich expert. Secret member of the Avengers.

Caro Kappenstein

Queen of the Castle. Specialized in needfinding. Triple-S master of structures, strategies & Scrum. Wannabe vegan. Lost her heart to Volleyball in her early youth.

Mel Merz

Chief champion of facts, figures and events. Keeps books to the books and spirits to the team. Enjoys backyard confectioning and a view into the greenery.

Daniel Walther

Software developer and backend tinkerer. Official lab nerd. Commands multiple Warhammer40k armies. Secret quantum physicist and wormhole theorist.

Burkhard v. Dewitz

Proudly holds a PhD in fishing. Governor of blue bots and automization with his head in the clouds. Has a passion for guitars, handmade music and Sushi.