Freedom, future, and empowerment to the people. This is what we strive for with full passion by delivering great consulting, coaching and implementation.


“New Work” refers to the change of paradigm in a new world of work. It is about placing people first, pursuing autonomy, self-actualization, and participation. It is the quest for meaningful engagement and forward-looking tasks.

"what is it, that you really, really want to do?"

/the meaning of technology

Technology should work for humans, not the other way around. We see digitalization as enabling. Allowing for location- and time-independent work, for content that appeals to our passion and expresses our personality. As making room for new ideas, activities, and better cooperation.

A new world of work calling for a new digital world of work.

/Our Contribution

From MS teams workflow design to UX-generating mixed realities, INSPIRATIONLABS delivers pretty much everything the entrepreneurial heart desires to let technology help you work better. The change of paradigm affects organisations of all sizes and industries. We advise, serve, and support them on trending New Work technologies, their benefits and applications.

What do you really, really want to do with technology?

We love meeting ordinary requests with highly unconventional, spectacular solutions. So, … what is your question?