Image of the INSPIRATIONlabs crew inside the P11 Cafe

Augmented Reality

Step into a new frontier with us! HoloLens is our gate into a world where the digital and physical blend to form a new augmented reality. In this augmented reality digital entities augment (instead of merely replace) the world around us. We develop experiences that allow you and your audiences to interact in ways that not long ago belonged to the world of science fiction. Come with us and take a look at our augmented reality, but behold; this is only the beginning… ;)

Remember the first time you held an iPhone in your hands, mouth agape, silently wondering: This is a phone? Yes, the first iPhone was a smartphone even if it looked unlike any phone you’d ever held in your hands. It also was much more than just a smartphone. It was a game changer. Virtually every phone that came after it mimicked its looks and core features. This holds true even until today. HoloLens may be much like that. It’s the world's first holographic computer. As such it generates open mouths bedazzled smiles and looks of disbeliefs: Is that really happening? Yes, it is happening!

Beyond the “wow!”

We’re sated with technology and ever new tools. Rarely does a new gadget put a smile on our faces or even let’s us utter an involuntary “wow!”. HoloLens achieves both. That’s not just our reaction but that of hundreds of users that witness our Augmented Reality Experience PHVsion. What’s important however, is to look beyond that “Wow!” What is HoloLens capable of? Has it the power to revolutionize the way we interact and work or is it simply “old wine in new bottles”? We believe augmented reality and its first true gadget HoloLens have the power to transform. Here are some reasons why we believe so:

A new era in technology & communications

Much like the iPhone back in the days, we believe that HoloLens is not simply a nice marketing stunt but a true game changer. It’s the bearer of a new era in technology and communication: the era of augmented reality. augmented reality alters the tech game. In that it is almost mandatory (at least for a tech company like ours) to join in and be part of the game. We simply cannot afford not to do it. Actually we don’t want to. The playing field is simply way too promising. And also way too much fun (later more about that).

The world is your canvas

HoloLens sets our pixels free! Why should we stare on fixed screens when the world around us can be our canvas? In that HoloLens feels much more “natural” than other technology, a desktop computer let’s say. In the end all media, all technology are extension of ourselves. HoloLens resembles a logical evolution into a computer better adapted to and more suited for the human senses.

Intuitive interaction

HoloLens lets you work and interact with your environment, without shutting you off from it. It augments that environment with holograms and provides a mix of gesture and voice commands to interact with objects, apps and the underlying operating system in general. Take a look at our Video to get an idea of how that works.

Power of networking

The networking capabilities of HoloLens are one of its most powerful and promising features (but recently also one of its most troublesome). However, including networking features in your HoloLens app or experience almost certainly means adding a significant level of complexity to your project. Depending on your use case this might or might not be a good idea. Sometimes decreasing complexity can be a good choice. However complex it might be; networking is one of the core features of HoloLens as it opens a gate to actual holographic collaboration. In the long run the different layers of reality, including Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will merge and their media/users seamlessly interact.

Upcyle your Development

Despite being a brand new gadget, HoloLens development can be carried out with market proven software that you are likely to be using today, if you’re a software development company, game studio or some form of digital media agency. You can use your existing software (such as Unity) and expertise in programming to start your HoloLens project. You can reuse existing assets such as 3D models and feed on your expertise in JavaScript or C# to write scripts that attach functionalities to holograms. In that way developing for HoloLens offers quite a bit of “recycling” or rather “upcyling” possibilities.


In German, the word Kinderkrankheiten has a double meaning: on the one hand it refers to children diseases in general. On other hand it refers to technical problems with early products, much like toothing problems that trouble child and parents today, but that will be forgotten tomorrow. And there are a few Kinderkrankheiten with regards to HoloLens. It’s a first product (the first of its kind), so of course there are drawbacks: The computing power and graphic performance are still limited and can‘t handle a great level of detail or complexity (e.g. with animations). The field of view is rather small and can put users off, who move too close to larger objects. Yet all of these Kinderkrankheiten will surely be solved someday soon.

Are you ready for augmented reality?

Based on our recent experiences and the massively positive feedback we got on our PHVision Augmented Reality Experience, we avidly promote Microsofts holographic computer. But that does not mean that you should jump into augmented reality blindly, it is worth thinking about if it’s right for you. If you’re an agency you should have the resources to execute a HoloLens project. Apart from minds that are willing to explore and able to understand the augmented new world, you should have staff that dream in JavaScript or C# and know Unity inside out (since it’s the leading environment for AR/VR and MR dev). Expertise in related fields such as video production is a plus.

If you’re an organization who thinks about offering a augmented reality app that is able to catch your audiences and immerse them in your brand or product story then think no further: get in touch and let us know what you’d like to do! Or, if you happen to be in the area around Heidelberg, Germany: Come by and have a coffee with. We’re talking actual coffee here, not that holographic stuff ;-)