Microsoft 365


The way an office is set up "IT-wise" determines how free we are. In the integration of new processes, employees and networks. Spinning ideas and working with external parties.

INSPIRATIONLABS stands for maximally elastic, adaptable office settings that enable users and minimize administrative effort. We help organizations to transfer traditional to modern working environments and advise, implement and support up to the digital end device.


What do your employees need to work well?

SDx - Softwared Defined Everything

Scalable and flexible infrastructures, devices and apps

Cloud & Collaboration

Microsoft 365, MS Teams, Modern Telephony and Data Organisation

Privacy & Security

Endpoint management, backups and compliance

Cloud-first system landscape

  • Location-independent work
  • Highest data security standards
  • Unlimited storage capacity

Working in a future-oriented way means using resources whenever and wherever you want. Our customers have full, secure and diversified data access from anywhere. End devices can be controlled, reinstalled and their security guaranteed from anywhere.

Software Defined Everything

  • Fast provisioning of new jobs
  • Immediate access to new services
  • Automated endpoint management
  • Minimized remote support

The provision of all elements of the IT infrastructure as software allows flexible adaptation of the system landscape to changed requirements and processes and makes infrastructures, devices and apps flexibly scalable.

"We eliminate unnecessary and put focus back on the essentials ."

People, communication & cooperation

  • Microsoft 365 Roll Out & Microsoft Teams Coaching
  • Organization & communication guidance
  • Modern telephony: easy, user-friendly and effective

What is important to employees and what do they need for a successful transition? We plan, implement and optimize infrastructure settings together and support in creating in-house acceptance and competence.


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