Image of the INSPIRATIONlabs team


We develop software and virtual experiences in the field of tension between Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.

The digital transformation is not over.
It is gaining momentum.
It changes how we work, where we work and what we work for. Companies have to position themselves and change. We accompany our customers along this journey with a deep understanding of technologies and their benefits.

We are developing digital products and helping organizations to do this successfully with their own teams. Our services at a glance:

Strategy Consulting

We offer an efficient and iterative strategy development for the further development of your business processes and the implementation of digital projects.

Digital Transformation

As a well-rehearsed team of experts we accompany you in every phase of the digital transformation.

User Experience

We design and test innovative user experiences to give your digital products a clear competitive advantage.

New Work

We believe we can work together more efficiently and with more fun by making good use of modern technology. Let us design better working worlds together!


We help in-house teams to be more successful & to scale. We offer training, workshops and individual training on topics such as agile working and DevOps.

Software Development

We develop custom business applications based on open source technologies across all media areas: mobile, web, stationary, office or in virtual space.


We are constantly engaged with the current state of technology and identify business-relevant innovations in order to be able to realize better solutions with our customers.

Data & Analytics

The currency of our time is data. The utilization of relevant amounts of data and the associated added value hold enormous economic potential, which we exploit with our solutions.

#Release 01 - 11th April 2019

We work according to Scrum and place the value orientation at the center of our actions. In this sense, we realize the relaunch of our website in an agile manner.

We would like to give you a peek into our work and thus make the iterative process of relaunch transparent. In the current sprint, we've defined the following priorities:

  • The relaunch has come and it's spring again:).
  • Show the heads behind it.
  • Get to the heart of the service offering.
  • Contact options? Logo.

#Release 02 - 16th April 2019

In Release 02 of the current sprint, we continued to work on the components in addition to optimizing the indexing capability for search engines and social media channels. The following changes have been made:

  • Our in-house developed Prerenderer ensures that the page delivers the essential content even without Javascript running.
  • The new footer component, which can be found at the bottom of every page.
  • Continuous Deployment: The page is automatically updated in the background by Microsoft's service called DevOps as soon as we submit new changes. Low error rate, saves time and especially tons of nerves ;)

#Release 03 - 18th April 2019

In the third release, we now present the first launch of our new team page! We tackled the following topics:

  • The team page, which you can find here.
  • Meta information (such as title, image, etc.) needed to share content in social media channels is now also available. As a result, the correct texts and pictures end up in the intended posts. ;)

#Release 04 - 26th April 2019

This 4th release includes not only technical modificiations (e.g. optimized PWA (Progressive Web App) behaviour), but new content as well, like the new Augmented-Reality page. Also new:

  • Caching of images in PWA-Mode: images that were rendered at least once already will be available without an active internet connection if you use the website's PWA, due to them being cached locally.
  • Our priority topic 'Augmented Reality' has its own page now. There you can find general information regarding the topic in addition to one of our AR projects as a use case: PHVision — “The Science City of the future” as a mixed reality experience for Microsoft HoloLens.
  • A Priority+ Concept based main menu, which allows for horizontal scrolling for mobile devices to enable clean navigation between pages. The importance of all menu items increases from right to left.
  • Our contact information moved to its own page and includes directions to our office.
  • All of our social media channels can be found in the footer, which you should definitely follow ;)