Making an event location "lockdown-proof"

Working cloud-based​

About Karlstorbahnhof Heidelberg e.V.

A socio-cultural center with international reputation, Karlstorbahnhof Heidelberg counts over 100,000 visitors in a “normal” year. When COVID-19 restrictions hit in 2020, we created a new IT foundation to enable the staff to continue working easily during lockdown.



  • Azure Active Directory
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Windows Autopilot
  • Mobile Device Management


  • Easy data accessiblity
  • Highest data security  
  • Highest data protection


  • 2021

Fun Facts

  • Team spirit during social distancing
  • Data-linked collaboration
  • Empowerment of staff

The Challenge

The Challenge

The Challenge

"lockdown-proof and movable"

Poetry via video slam, live concert via streaming, an online tender for young artists and a new playlist for the home office every week: the Karlstorbahnhof quickly found ways to create cultural and interactive virtual platforms and to coordinate the production of events according to the regulations due to the corona virus.

Furthermore, our job was to provide the cultural center with a location-independent IT solution. The Karlstorbahnhof will be relocating within Heidelberg in the foreseeable future: the new IT will accompany the staff not only through COVID-19, but also to the space formerly occupied by the Campbell Barracks. What does a digital infrastructure look like if it can be "moved" easily?

The Solution

Everything - in a slim package

Die Lösung

What do you really, really want to do?

“What do you really, really want to do?” New Work's favorite question leads us through the inquriy of why to take on a cloud journey. To be able to check emails from wherever: Yes. To improve data organization and simplify collaboration: Yes! To create space for new ideas and more fun? Absolutely, YES!

For Karlstorbahnhof, the setup comprises a completely cloud-based IT system. Employees are to have unrestricted access to their data and be completely free to choose where they work. In compliance with the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO), we establish for business data to be centrally managed, and therefore protected, on any end-user device. It now is a valid an secure option to use private devices for business purposes.

Introducing Microsoft Teams trims interfaces by managing data directly within the platform, according to user assignment, collaboration and communication. Employees are quick to get along with the new ways to work, as we offer support in two dedicated workshops.

The Benefit


The Benefits

Easy data accessibility

"What do we do first when culture can happen locally again?" Be it in the closed center, in the home office or after the move into the southern city - Managing Director Cora Malik can finally devote herself to the essential questions again. Because with the new IT, she and her crew can now access their data securely and quickly; from anywhere, at any time.

Thanks to the central device control, every employee can make a new device their own with just a few clicks: All it takes is a successful login to have user-relevant data, apps and settings ready within a few minutes and to start (actual) work.

In the event of device theft or loss, the business data stored in the cloud remains intact. There is maximum protection against unauthorized access, even for mobile devices that are used for business and private purposes. Automated program and security updates drastically reduce the effort required for administrative and support services.

The Extras

The extra

The Extra

Fostering team spirit from home

Culture, Karlstorbahnhof and Collaboration 4.0 come together! The new platform makes it easier and more fun to work together on documents, fine-tune the event program and put ideas on the whiteboard as a team. At the touch of a button, it is possible to stay in touch and exchange ideas from the home office. The linking of calendars, to-dos and all programs shortens the time it takes to inform others and communicate successfully.