Fast rendering of room layouts

Game engine to design office spaces

Kahl Büroeinrichtungen GmbH

Best furniture paired with harmonious concepts for colors, lighting, and acoustics: With KAHL, workplaces become  favorite spots. We speedup the transformation of the 3D plans of this leading office design house into more beautiful pictures.



  • Raytracing
  • Virtual Reality
  • Unity 3D
  • pCon.planner Export


  • Process acceleration
  • Real-time rendering
  • Higher image quality


  • 2020


  • High resolution 3D images
  • Interactive presentations
  • VR experiences

The Challenge

Room layout rendering

The Challenge

photo-realistic visuals

When KAHL plans new office space, its employees create visualizations of their concepts: photorealistic representations that help customers decide whether the new space meets their needs. However, creating such images takes a lot of time and computer power, which made us ask ourselves: isn't there a better way?

The Solution

Ray tracing to create 3D images

Die Lösung

A game engine for office concepts

  • Accelerated rendering
  • Photo-realistiv visuals
  • Real-time imagery

Our solution for KAHL uses a development directly from the gaming industry. Ray tracing brings incredible realistic light effects to video games... and now to office design! By shifting the rendering power from the CPU to ray-tracing capable graphics cards, the process can not only be run in real time, but the result is also better!

The Benefit


The Benefits

Speed through real time rendering

  • Process acceleration
  • Easy handling
  • Higher degree of freedom of design
  • Better image quality

To render a scene based on the plans of the designer now takes a fraction of the time it took before. The image export happens directly from the familiar pCon.Planner and is easy as pushing a button. The camera position and light sources can be positioned anywhere in the scene, giving KAHL's interior designers lots of room for creativity.

The higher resolution of 3D images rendered with GPU enabled ray tracing also makes them much better to use for interactive, high-resolution presentations e.g., via VR glasses. Something what gamers already know for a while: it simply looks more awesome with ray tracing enabled.  

The Extras

The Extra