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Rent A Car? SIXT!

SIXT Rent A Car

From vehicles for your vacation to trucks for heavy workloads: family-owned SIXT Rent A Car is upfront in Germany’s rental car companies. How? The key to success at SIXT lies in putting customers’ satisfaction first and making decisions based on transaction-linked data.



  • Multi-Cloud
  • Microservices
  • Front-end architecture
  • Front-end coding
  • UX / CX


  • Real-time analyses
  • Future forecasts
  • Visual reporting
  • Service quality assurance
  • Highest customer satisfaction


  • since 2008


  • Any

The Challenge

At the top = ahead of everyone

The Challenge

Rating 2,200+ Stations

  • Global analyses
  • Easily interpretable results
  • High customer feedback

As early as 2008, SIXT management decided to put the quality of its services for each of its 2,220 worldwide branches to the test. The idea: all rental stations should be continuously assessed in order to gather information that, processed accordingly, would make it easy for management to derive recommendations for improvement.

The Solution

Harnessing big data for service performance optimisation

Die Lösung

A custom full-service solution for SIXT

  • Customised BI analyses
  • Multiple microservices and databases
  • High scalability
  • Visual reporting

A combined backend and frontend development paired with a customized business intelligent data analysis solution met the highly individual requirements of SIXT Rent A Car. The initial functionality continuously evolved, and lead to a now full-service solution, with various microservices based on multiple database services that are, up to this day, operated by us. New challenges which require adaptations of single processes can be integrated at any time.

Customized extensions of standard tools for survey and evaluation made the customer survey as scalable and integrable as needed. All respective languages, writing directions, and time zones are supported. Management can make use of various reporting features, all of which are displayed visually appealing, while user authorizations regulate the depth of analysis.

The Benefit


The Benefits

Real-time evaluation of all stations worldwide

  • Quick derival of need for action
  • Live, retrospective, and forward-looking evaluations
  • Retrieval on any device

What station is ranked the highest on a global scale? What are the services rated most positively by German-speaking tenants? What does current customers’ satisfaction score tell us compared to the previous month? Is there anything branch XYZ should explicitly work on?

For each country, each location and each customer, SIXT management can call up the status of customer feedback at any time - in real time. While customer responses are high, it only takes one glance to understand where SIXT services meet expectations worldwide, and where, on the other hand, action should be taken.

In addition to real-time analyses, historical evaluations, and future forecasts can also be obtained. Management executives can choose their most important key information to be displayed on dashboards directly on their smartphones.

The Extras

The Extra