Higher code quality and faster results

Agile software development for logistics

mobisys GmbH

Efficient processes and structured workflows are in high demand in the logistics sector. Software products by Walldorf-based mobisys GmbH have been offering the fastest way to mobilize SAP processes for the past 29 years. Software that is now developed faster, leaner, and more secure.



  • Azure Pipelines
  • Azure VMs
  • JIRA
  • Powershell Core
  • Agile version management
  • MS VS App Center


  • Better code quality
  • Faster releases
  • Automated Testing


  • 2019


  • Teambuilding
  • Great tools
  • More freedom and creativity for developers

The Challenge

inhouse software development

The Challenge

efficiency with DevOps

More joy through automation? How? At mobisys, the entire software lifecycle is managed in-house: from feature and security updates to adaptation of new encryption requirements, operating system versions and end device categories. Can we shorten test loops and give developers more time for their actual programming activities? Which processes, tools and methods fit best with mobisys?

The Solution

Agile software development

Die Lösung

Seamless collaboration

Method, process and cultural change all in one - DevOps closely interlocks software development and IT operations. Only if we succeed in establishing a culture of collaboration can added value be created sustainably. In workshops and meetings with the customer we discuss how development processes at mobisys can be optimized.

  • Tools enabling greater collaboration
  • Continous Integration & Continous Deployment
  • Automated quality assurance measures

With a reliable ticket system and new tools for team structure, the improvement of automated testing and the creation of foundations for continuous integration and continuous deployment we provide impetus for change. Together, we are building an appropriately complex cloud infrastructure for platform-independent quality assurance. Automated license- and end-to-end tests enable checks from the user perspective and the respectively used hardware.

The Benefit


The Benefits

Higher code quality and faster results

  • Cloud-based toolsets
  • Quick and secure development processes
  • Seamless communication
  • Making room for creativity

mobisys now develops new software components in a test-driven manner using cloud-based automated toolsets. This makes workflows more transparent, accelerates the entire development process and provides the basis for continuous integration and deployment.

The new release and review processes produce higher quality code and safer (and faster) result. Seamless communication between developers and users or product designers results in significantly less coordination effort. Deviations in quality are detected and fixed much faster.

The Extras

The Extra

The Extra

Focus on core competence

What remains? A change in the way we develop software, with consequences: More self-sufficiency for developers, more room for creativity and more focus on the core business: The delivery of high-quality software from mobisys.